Herniated Disc Treatment

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The gymnastics bars are an apparatus in women's artistic gymnastics. The gymnastics bar are sometimes called the "asymmetric bars," "uneven parallel bars,"  or simply the "bars". Presently, online you can find many types of gymnastics bar and gymnastics equipment for home. The bars set at different heights and are parallel to each other, with high bar usually taller than 9 feet, and the the low bar at about 6 and a half feet. The height of gymnastics bar is changeable. Junior Olympic gymnasts and collegiate gymnasts usually use the bars at customize heights. For top gymnasts, however, these dimensions are standardized. The width between the bars is approximately 7 feet. Again, this is adjustable in collegiate gymnastics and Junior Olympics but not in international top competitions. The most recognizable skills on gymnastics bars are release pirouettes, moves, and circles. In a final move, a gymnast lets go of the bar and then re-grab it. She or he can perform a release move from the low bar to the high bar, from the high bar to the low bar or on the same bar. Common release moves for advanced gymnasts include the Tkatchev/reverse hecht, Shaposhnikova, Jaeger, Pak salto, and Gienger. These skills are named after the first person who performed the move and then registered it to a special committee, so these sometimes special names are just the names of gymnasts. In a pirouette, a gymnast changed her hands while in the handstand position. She may use a diversity of different hand positions during the turn. A regular gymnasts perform three phases of a bar routine: 1. The Mount Most gymnasts simply hop onto the high bar or low bar and get started. Occasionally, though, a gymnast can do a more interesting mount, such as jumping over the low bar or even doing a flip to catch the bar.  2. The Routine A bar routine consists of about eighteen to twenty five skills and should flow from one move to the next and use both bars. There should be no pauses or added swings. There is no time limit on bars, but routines usually last only about 35 to 50 seconds. Combining three or more skills together earns the gymnast a higher difficulty score, and we'll see more gymnasts attempt pirouettes immediately into release moves and even pair multiple release moves. Good form is important throughout. The judges are looking for straight legs, pointed toes and an extended body in handstand positions. 3. The Dismount To dismount, first the gymnast have to leave the bar, performs two or more flips and/or twists and lands on the mat below. Both distance and height of the bar are judged. The aim of every gymnast is to stick the landing on her or his dismount. That is to land without moving her or his feet.   Lower Back Pain Treatment Relief Lumbago , Herniated Disc Treatment  , Home Treatment for Sciatica Pain Relief , Sciatica Treatment and its Excersise  

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